Flora was born and raised in Georgia, but moved to Utah after receiving her BFA in English and Professional Writing from Columbus State University. Design was always a hobby for her, until she decided to start selling some of her work on the Etsy marketplace. Her shop took off, and she continued to grow it over the next few years, while taking in freelance projects on the side.
Fast forward to 2019, Flora felt she was missing the collaborative environment and wanted to challenge her design and marketing skills further. She decided to take a job at USANA Health Sciences as the Social Media Design Manager. She kept designing, built strong marketing strategy skills for social selling at a corporate level, and continues to work with an amazing team of talented individuals that inspire and push her to grow her career.
Flora is a lifelong creative; she is devoted to thoughtful typography and lettering, a sucker for a bold color palette, and values the design process to the core. When she’s not designing you can find her: having a coffee, buried in a book or lost in a video game, making lists of nearly everything, or exploring the gorgeous Utah mountains by foot, mountain bike, or skis.
She previously wrote this in first-person, but realized this was her only legitimate chance to take third-person for a spin. 
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