Augmented Reality (AR) has become a pivotal component of marketing and sales strategies, enabling brands to offer unique experiences and engage with their audience in a new way.
I taught myself the fundamentals of Meta Spark AR Studio in order to leverage this new technology and drive new connection with the Celavive brand. This involved learning the basics of programming logics to construct patches within the visual scripting system to build immersive, customized augmented reality experiences for the brand. Additionally, I undertook the design of all materials and texture sequences, incorporating interactive animation triggers triggered by screen taps or facial movements.
Key Achievements
Created the "What Product?" filter during the peak of the randomize filter trend. Showcased the complete Celavive product line, resulting in an impressive reach of 117,000 impressions and over 11,000 captures on Instagram.
Designed the "Masking&Relaxing" filter to generate anticipation and buzz for the Celavive Scrub + Mask product launch. The filter achieved a noteworthy reach of over 20,000 impressions and over 2,000 captures. Also saw continued user engagement with captures and shares on Instagram, well after initial product launch period.
Augmented Reality (AR), Meta Spark AR, Instagram Filters, Social Media Marketing

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