Global social media campaign, the #CommitToU challenge, with a core focus on self-improvement and community building. Participants were invited to undertake a 90-day health and wellness journey of their choice while actively sharing their progress across social media. This campaign had a dual purpose: boosting USANA's brand recognition and enabling USANA sales associates to establish meaningful connections with potential customers, fostering the growth of the USANA community.
I designed the entire campaign's visual identity and assisted in crafting the campaign strategy. The design featured purposeful iconography that made it easy to adapt for distribution across USANA's global audience in over 24 countries. To promote engagement, I also designed custom story-enabled GIPHY stickers to encourage participants to share regularly and authentically. Additionally, I led brand partner activations, including well-known figures like Dr. Oz and professional athletes, to expand the campaign's reach and credibility.
Key Achievements
Developed custom story-enabled GIPHY stickers, amassing over 1.5 million views.
Collaborated with writing team to craft a blog article, as part of the content strategy, the article contributed to 30% of new user sessions during the 90-day campaign.
Designed a custom email that coincided with the campaign's launch, achieving an impressive 22% open rate.
Throughout the campaign period, the unique hashtag #CommitToU was used over 3,000 times across various platforms.
Social Media Marketing, Art Direction, Marketing Design, Social Media Strategy, Global Social Media Campaign, Email Marketing Design

Dr. Mehmet Oz talks #CommitToU Challenege

Alex Ferreira, Olympian, Team USA Half-Pipe Skier, and USANA Athlete talks #CommitToU

Dr. Jennifer Lee, Board-certified Dermatologist and USANA skincare consultant talks #CommitToU

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