Holiday social media campaign, aimed at inspiring generosity to support the USANA Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing global food relief for those in critical need. The campaign encouraged donations, with each $1 donation being an entry for a chance to win a $5,000 vacation package.
I designed the entire visual identity of the Give to Getaway campaign and partnered with USANA's Studio team to create the hero promotional video. This video was strategically employed across USANA's channels, both in paid and organic placements, to drive additional donations and entries.
Key Achievements
Over the three-week campaign duration, achieved over $6,000 in donations to benefit the USANA Foundation.
Increased donations received during campaign period by an impressive 141% compared to the previous year.
Content strategy included a custom designed email to boost contributions to the campaign. The email was delivered to over 46,000 and achieved an impressive 18.84% open rate, with just a 0.8% bounce rate.
Social Media Marketing, Art Direction, Marketing Design, Global Social Media Campaign

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